I am Liangzheng Luo, born in a beautiful city Hangzhou, now studying at Carnegie Mellon University to further my skills in game design. With a background in Industrial Design, I am also engaged in creating fun and meaningful levels. I write game analysis hoping to share my understanding of various games. Additionally, I record new findings in the blog.
Feel free to view my resume and reach out.
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Game Design
Project HyperPickle
Project Ditto
Building Virtual Worlds
Game Collection

Level Design
Stealth Level
Linear Narrative Level
FPS Combat Zone
Level Design Analysis

Bloodborne: Story in Levels
Slay the Spire: Engagement and Balance
INSIDE: Visual Language
The Plan: An Experiment

Creating Quests for MMORPG
Formulas in Combat Design
Balancing a Game
Hanzo and MOBA Hero Design
Accessibility - Game for All
Code Pieces
On Dynamic Difficulty Adjustment
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